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By thecanines8765798, Jun 28 2017 09:19PM

Certainly, this is a controversial topic---but only in recent years. What I mean by this is, information (not always accurate or medically valid) is available to anyone on the internet, so now everyone is an expert on everything, and no one gives respect to professionally trained, experienced practictioners.

Veterinarians are challenged everyday by laymen on their treatments and diagnoses. Why bother, if you think you already know the answer?? Save your money and time, and treat your ailing animal yourself. Ridiculous, right?!

Vaccination requirements are more important now than ever, here's why:

Dogs and every other species of companion animal are accepted in many environments they never were before. Dog Parks are a relatively new concept, as are pet-themed businesses which encourage interaction and thereby EXPOSURE. Travelling with pets is more common now than ever. When all these facts are added up, the end result is new and evolving diseases, viruses and bacterias that are fast-tracking from coast to coast, continent to continent. The preventative treatment protects not only the subject animal, but those around him...and all in the hotel. Like at Sunday School, you can expect to get the sniffles, but not tuberculosis...

Vaccination fact: many more ills are prevented, rather than caused, by vaccinating. For this reason, we have implemented a policy that is only refutable by a licensed veterinarian, in writing, for a specific animal. Vaccinations have come a long way, titrations of antibodies are sufficient in the blood for as long as 36 months now. Take advantage of the science, then take advantage of our services. Simple as that.

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